The eatery has become unexpectedly popular

The food is really honest and unpretentious...

and people continue to come back for more.

Welcome to our Eatery

Initially intended as a wedding venue with simple cake and tea, the eatery became unexpectedly popular. “I taught myself to bake, which was also a childhood dream, and the food is really honest and unpretentious. It turned out to be a winner and people continue to come back for more.”

“Ouland Royale is meant to be a space where people can come and escape reality, a fantasy place where they can eat decadent food, and feel happy and safe,” says Wilja Reitz.

The double volume ceiling and sliding doors that run almost the extent of the side walls create a light-filled space that is dramatically and decadently decorated. Long tables are set with silverware, crystal, candles and flowers. Tea and cake are served on antique and collectable crockery.

Ouland Royale is open for breakfast, lunch and tea, Tuesday to Friday from 8am to 4pm, and Saturday from 8m to 1pm.

Opposite Plett airport entrance.
Tel: 082 859 1250